Here at Käpynen, we do pretty much whatever we like - and what we like is fun patterns, color, high-quality fabrics and Finnish design. Besides our own Outi Santaniemi, we also employ other up-and-coming Finnish designers. Our fabrics are printed in Eastern Europe and we use as much organic cotton as possible. As well as the usual rotation prints, we also produce small batches of more artistic fabrics using a digital printing process. We mainly produce single jersey knitted fabrics for garment sewing, but are looking forward to broadening our selection to non-stretchy natural fabrics in the future too.

Our shop, not in english yet: www.kapynen.fi 
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*Meri-Ellen and Outi*

Popsicles, design by Outi Santaniemi

Concrete, design by Outi Santaniemi

Steel, design by Jussi Santaniemi

Space, design by Teemu Åke

Fence, design by Anniina Isokangas (PaaPii Design)