Indie Fabrics - Finland is a unique collaboration between small fabric manufacturers in Finland. 
Our main goal is to bring forward Finnish Design and funky fabrics to the customer outside Finland.

We will be attending Fabric Fairs in Europe to bring you a flair of that funky Finnish design and to give you a chance to experience our unique textiles first hand. Participants in this collaboration are: i k a s y r, PaaPii Design, Käpynen and Neenuska.


Seinäjoen Kädentaitomessut
September 30th-October 2nd
H2 (Neenuska and PaaPii)

Oulun Kädentaitomessut
October 15th-16th
40/1 (Käpynen, Neenuska, Paapii) 
and 25/2 (i k a s y r)

Stockholm Syfestivalen 
October 28-30th

Tampere Suomen Kädentaidot
November 18-20th
C410 (i k a s y r, Käpynen, Neenuska) 
and C530 (PaaPii)